ePREP for Couples We recommend Buy Couple's Program

ePREP can be really useful in taking your relationship further and could even help you figure out if you want a future together. See what you can learn by going through it as a couple. (You can each take it separately if that works better.)

Married but not happy? You can learn how to stop fighting with your spouse and begin to enjoy a healthy relationship.

ePREP Helps
  • Protect the joy you have found and help you to maintain it over time.
  • Understand the risk factors for divorce so you can beat the odds (currently at about a 40% divorce rate).
  • Get past the surface-level talk in your relationship so that you can find true intimacy and connection rather than simply weathering the day-to-day well.
  • Learn the communication patterns that corrode healthy relationships so that you can work to avoid them.


ePREP can help Fix
  • Take active steps back towards the relationship that you want.
  • Create and protect special times when you enjoy each other's company. Bring moments of laughter and joy back into your relationship – even if there are still big issues left to resolve.
  • Find your voice and go back to talking and listening respectfully even when things are not going well.
  • Learn to reduce negative communication patterns that are causing unhappiness in your relationship.

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