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About ePREP
Between 40%-50% of couples that marry today will eventually divorce and as many as 25% of couples who remain married report having unhappy relationships. Couples can get help to work on fixing a bad relationship. Relationships can be easier to navigate if you can master the right skill sets.

Relationship researchers (including us here at ePREP!) have developed in-person interventions that can prevent problems, improve relationship health and cut your risk of divorce in half (Hahlweg & Richter, 2010).

The only problem is that many people don’t receive these great interventions because they aren’t aware of them or don’t have the means to access them.

Love takes learning

That’s why we’ve developed ePREP.

ePREP is an intervention that can be completed in the comfort of your own home - it is an online relationship program. In a series of four randomized clinical trials, ePREP has been shown to have many of the same benefits as “in-person” interventions.

ePREP benefits include...

• Reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression
• Reduced alternative monitoring (comparing the current relationship to other potential romantic connections)
• Reduced frequency of psychological aggression
• Reduced frequency of physical aggression
• Increases in dedication
• Increases in constructive communication
• Increases in levels of trust
• Participants were less likely to break-up with their significant others in both the short and long term

•• To see the citations of the published scientific studies click here ••

ePREP is part of the PREP approach:
The PREP approach is based on over 30 years of research in the field of relationship health and success. Much of the research on PREP has been conducted at the University of Denver's Center for Marital and Family Studies. The co-directors for this nationally recognized research center are Dr. Howard Markman Ph.D. and Dr. Scott M. Stanley Ph.D.  Markman and Stanley are founders of PREP, and, along with various colleagues and the team at PREP, Inc., have been involved in developing and refining marriage and relationship education materials for several decades.

The PREP approach has been delivered and evaluated globally:
As of June 2013, an estimated 1,000 sites have implemented the intervention, including military bases, prisons, universities, and religious organizations. Twelve sites have been evaluated for outcomes, with about 2,000 couples participating in those evaluations. Evaluations have been conducted with the U.S. Army and in Australian and German implementation sites. Approximately 300,000 individuals have participated in PREP or adaptations of PREP.

Meet the scientists behind ePREP:
ePREP was developed by Dr. Scott Braithwaite, and is based on the PREP Approach. Click here for Dr. Braithwaite's recent interview at
This program has been tested in a series of studies by Dr. Scott Braithwaite and Dr. Frank Fincham. To view the abstracts for the scientific journal articles please click here